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25-130.  Fixing assessment rate — Payment of claims — Report — Inspection, quarantine and treatment of sheep — Districts. The board shall meet and fix the rate of special assessment to be levied as provided for in this chapter. Any change in the rate of the special assessment shall be made to be effective at the start of a calendar year. The wolf control assessment provided for in section 25-131, Idaho Code, shall not be considered a special assessment subject to the effective date provisions of this section. The board shall audit all bills of salaries and expenses incurred in the enforcement of this chapter that may be payable from the Idaho sheep and goat health account which shall be audited, allowed and paid as other claims against the state. The board shall have power to order an inspection or quarantine of any sheep in the state of Idaho, whether diseased or exposed to disease, to compel dipping or other treatment of sheep, whether diseased or exposed to disease, at such times and as often as it deems necessary to ensure the suppression or eradication of any infectious or contagious disease of sheep and divide the state into such districts as may be necessary for the enforcement of this chapter.

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