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25-146.  Inspection and treatment of diseased sheep. The representative of the board or any inspector or agent of the United States bureau of animal industry shall have authority to enter upon any grounds or premises where sheep are kept and to inspect, diagnose and treat sheep found thereon. They shall be authorized and empowered to require owners of sheep to apply such remedies, dips and other curative, protective or preventive agents as may by the board be deemed necessary in order to prevent the introduction or dissemination of disease among the sheep of this state or to effect a cure of affected or infected sheep and in the event that any owner or custodian of such sheep shall refuse to comply with the rules of the board regarding the use of such remedies, dippings and curative agents within the time set by the board and in the manner provided in this act or by the rules of said board, then the board shall be empowered to treat or dip such sheep and the cost thereof, together with all incidental expenses therewith, if any, which shall include the cost and expense of the care and maintenance of said sheep during the time of their custody by the board or its representatives as herein provided, shall be borne by the owner of the sheep so treated or dipped and shall be, until paid, a lien against such sheep.

[25-146, added 1951, ch. 250, sec. 21, p. 527; am. 1997, ch. 116, sec. 10, p. 297; am. 2012, ch. 117, sec. 14, p. 327.]

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