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25-1101.  Definitions. As used in this chapter, and elsewhere in the Idaho Code where applicable:
"Livestock" means any cattle, horses, mules or asses.
"Transportation" means the movement of livestock in any manner.
"Person" means every natural person, firm, association, partnership, company business or corporation.
"Brand" means one, either, or both of the following:
(1)  An identification mark, device or document prescribed by rules of the board that cannot be switched from one (1) animal to another without destruction or disfigurement of the mark, device or document. Any such mark or device, except for the location in or on the animal, shall be subject to the same restrictions, requirements, inspections, fees and penalties as the permanent identification marks described in the following paragraph (2).
(2)  An identification mark that is permanently affixed into the hide of a live animal on either side in any one of three (3) locations, the shoulder, ribs, or hip. The brand may be applied on the hide by either a hot iron, or as a freeze brand which involves applying intense cold to the skin of the live animal to change the color of the hair on the skin to create a clear brand. An acid brand means any such mark or brand that has been applied by the use of a chemical compound and when so used causes a scarlike tissue to form on the hide of a live animal. Acid brands are not valid for any type of brand inspection.
"Brand inspector" means the state brand inspector, any authorized deputy or assistant brand inspector, or any other person authorized by the laws of the state of Idaho to make brand inspections.
"Brand inspection certificate" means a certificate on a form adopted by the state brand board, listing the animals for which the certificate is issued, describing the animals listed thereon, listing the name and address of the owner of the livestock, the name and address of the new owner, the listing of the place of origin and of destination of such transportation, and such other information as may be required by the state brand board. Brand inspection certificates shall be of the following kinds:
(1)  An inspection certificate that is issued only when there is a change in ownership of the livestock, or when livestock is leaving the state, or when the livestock is to be slaughtered within ninety-six (96) hours.
(2)  An annual inspection certificate good only for the current growing or grazing season, and which authorizes the owner to transport the livestock within and without the state. An annual inspection certificate does not authorize the sale or transfer of an ownership interest in any livestock.
(3) A seasonal grazing certificate good only for moving livestock from this state to another state for grazing, and to return some or all of that livestock to this state. The certificate shall be issued without charge if the brand inspector determines that an inspection of the animals is not necessary. If an inspection is made, the certificate shall be issued at one-half (1/2) the usual brand inspection fee, and the provisions of sections 25-232, 25-2505 and 25-2907, Idaho Code, shall not apply.
(4)  A lifetime ownership and transportation certificate which is valid only for horses, mules or asses, and which authorizes the owner to transport the horses, mules or asses within and without the state. A lifetime ownership and transportation certificate may be used for the sale or transfer of an ownership interest in horses, mules or asses, but immediately upon a change of ownership interest, the new owner must apply to the brand board for a new lifetime ownership and transportation certificate, and pay the required fees.
"Livestock auction sale," for the purpose of charging and collecting the minimum inspection fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) required by section 25-1160, Idaho Code, means and includes all public livestock markets chartered under the provisions of chapter 17, title 25, Idaho Code; means and includes any dispersal sale of livestock by a farmer, dairyman, breeder or feeder of livestock subject to brand inspection; and means and includes any sale of livestock by an association of breeders of livestock subject to brand inspection. The state brand board may, by regulation, include other private or public operations at which livestock subject to brand inspection is offered for sale within such definition.
"Written ownership transportation permit" means a statement in writing of a form approved by the state brand board, which permit shall describe the livestock being transported, is signed and dated by the person in whose name the brand on such livestock is recorded in the office of the state brand inspector, and an acknowledgment authorizing the transportation of such livestock, within the state, listing the place of origin, place of destination of such transportation, the consignee thereof and his address, and such other information as may be required by the state brand board. An ownership transportation permit is not valid for a change in ownership of livestock, and is not valid to transport livestock outside of the state.
"Stock grower" means any person owning any livestock in this state to be slaughtered for human consumption whether in this state or outside of this state, or any person engaging in the business of breeding, growing or raising livestock.

[(25-1101) I.C., sec. 25-1401, as added by 1973, ch. 168, sec. 20, p. 339; am. 1988 & redesignated 25-1101, ch. 75, sec. 2, p. 112; am. 1991, ch. 71, sec. 1, p. 174.]

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