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25-1104.  Officers, deputies and assistants. The state brand inspector, with the approval of the state brand board, and within the limits of any appropriation made available for such purposes, shall appoint, fix the compensation, determine the tenure of office, and prescribe the duties and powers of four (4) district supervisors. The employment of other officers, deputies, and assistants as may be necessary for the performance of the duties of his office shall be subject to the provisions of chapter 53, title 67, Idaho Code. The state brand inspector shall station deputies and assistants in such localities as he shall deem advisable for the performance of his duties, and the sheriff and his deputies in the counties of the state may perform the duties of ex officio brand inspectors under the guidelines set forth by the state brand board and state law. When the sheriff or his deputies act in the capacity of ex officio brand inspector as provided herein, they shall collect all brand inspection fees and other fees as provided by law and remit the same to the state brand inspector. Compensation for the sheriff and his deputies when acting as ex officio brand inspectors may be fixed by contract between the state brand board and the sheriff in accordance with section 31-3101, Idaho Code.

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