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25-1106.  Duties of inspector and deputy brand inspectors as law enforcement officers. The state brand inspector and deputy brand inspectors shall also have power and the duty to enforce all of the laws of the state for the identification, inspection and transportation of livestock and sheep and all laws of the state designed or intended to prevent the theft of livestock and sheep and shall have all of the authority and powers of peace officers vested in the director of the Idaho state police, with general jurisdiction throughout the state.
The state brand inspector shall give special consideration to reducing the loss of livestock and sheep by theft and to that end may inspect and cause inspections to be made outside the state of Idaho of livestock and sheep transported or driven from the state of Idaho, and shall also coordinate the efforts of all other law enforcement officials and peace officers in the apprehension and conviction of persons who have stolen livestock, sheep, hides, pelts, or carcasses of livestock.

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