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25-1121.  Requirements for brand inspection — Written permit in lieu of inspection. (1) Any person desiring to transport, remove, or drive any livestock from the boundaries of this state in any manner shall, before doing so, apply to the state brand inspector to inspect the same for marks and brands, and on such application (or without said application if said officer has knowledge of such removal) the brand inspector shall immediately inspect said livestock for brands and marks and keep an accurate record of the same with the name and residence of owner or shipper and name, sex and kind of livestock. Any person desiring an inspection pursuant to this paragraph must notify a state brand inspector or person duly authorized to accomplish the inspection. If the inspector finds that the livestock have brands that are not owned by the person claiming the same, then such person shall be required to produce a bill of sale or other satisfactory evidence of ownership. Upon proof of ownership the inspector shall give the person a certificate stating the number and kind of livestock and their marks and brands and thereupon the said person shall be permitted to transport said livestock from this state. A copy of the brand inspection certificate shall accompany the livestock to final destination.
(2)  Any person desiring to transport livestock, not his own, within the boundaries of this state in any manner shall before doing so, have in his possession a written transportation permit properly completed and signed by the owner or an authorized agent of the owner of the livestock being transported or a brand inspection certificate. A copy of the written permit or brand inspection certificate shall accompany the livestock to final destination.
(3)  Annual brand inspections certificates for all livestock for any purpose, other than sale or trade, may be issued by the state brand inspector or his deputies in lieu of the regularly required brand inspection or other written permits for periods of not to exceed one (1) year in duration and for a fee of not to exceed five dollars ($5.00), each as determined by regulation of the state brand board.
(4)  The owner of the livestock shall pay all fees required for inspection services pursuant to this chapter, section 25-232, Idaho Code, section 25-2505, Idaho Code, and section 25-2907, Idaho Code.
(5)  Any transportation of livestock in violation of this chapter is prohibited. Livestock transported in violation of this chapter shall be detained until compliance with this chapter has been made.

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