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25-1125.  Inspection of livestock in transit — Impounding when certificate or permit erroneous. Any livestock in transit or being transported in any manner, may be inspected at any time or place, without liability by any brand inspector of the state or by any peace officer or other person authorized by statute, who may demand of the carrier or person in charge of such livestock the certificate of inspection or written permit and he may compare the marks, brands, and description given in such documents with those of such livestock and if he shall find from such inspection that such certificate is falsely made, or is erroneous in any material respect, or that such livestock or any head thereof do not belong to the person as indicated in such document, he may, unless satisfactory proof of the ownership or right of possession of such livestock be furnished him, impound any such livestock and may take such other action against such carrier or person in charge as may be authorized by law.

[(25-1125) I.C., sec. 25-1405, as added by 1973, ch. 168, sec. 20, p. 339; 1988 redesignated 25-1125, ch. 75, sec. 17, p. 120.]

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