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25-1146.  Sales and transfers of brands. Any brand recorded in accordance with the requirements of this chapter shall be the property of the stock grower in whose name the same shall be recorded, and shall be subject to sale, assignment, transfer, devise and descent, the same as personal property. Instruments of writing evidencing any such sale, assignment or transfer shall be acknowledged as deeds to real estate are now required to be, and shall be recorded in the office of the state brand inspector in a book to be by said officer kept for that purpose, which shall be properly indexed. The recording of such instruments in said office shall have the same force and effect as to third parties, as the recording of instruments affecting real estate, and the acknowledgment of the same shall have the same force and effect as the acknowledgment of deeds to real estate, and certified copies of the record of any such instrument, duly acknowledged, may be introduced in evidence the same as is now provided for certified copies of instruments affecting real estate. The fee of the state brand inspector for recording the writings evidencing each such sale, assignment or transfer shall be fifty dollars ($50.00).

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