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25-1148.  Brand book. It shall be the duty of the state brand inspector from time to time as it may be necessary, but at least every two (2) years, to cause to be published in book form a list of all brands on record at the time of publication. In the years when the brand book is not issued, the state brand inspector may issue a supplement to the brand book theretofore issued containing the additional brands or changes in ownership of brands between the time of the last publication and the time of issuing such supplement. The brand book shall contain the facsimile of all brands recorded together with the owners’ names and post-office addresses. Brand records shall be arranged in convenient form for reference. It shall be the duty of the state brand inspector to furnish free of charge to each sheriff in this state one (1) copy of said brand book and supplement, in whose office it shall be kept open for inspection by all persons. Brand books and supplements may be sold outright or by subscription to the general public at a price to be determined by the state brand inspector which price shall cover the cost of the publications.

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