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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


25-1161.  Fees — State brand account. All fees of every kind collected by the office of the state brand inspector or under any rules or regulations made pursuant to the provisions of chapter 11, title 25, Idaho Code, shall be deposited in the state treasury and kept in a special and separate account in the dedicated fund to be known as the "state brand account"; said account is hereby appropriated for the use and expenditure of said board in carrying out the provisions of this chapter and in the performance of all of its duties and the duties of the state brand inspector and in carrying out the rules and regulations which shall be made by the board, and for salaries and wages and other expenses of the office of the state brand inspector, the state brand board, and its employees for the purpose of fulfilling the duties of such office, and said account is hereby declared to be a continuing account.

[(25-1161) 1947, ch. 88, sec. 6, p. 149; am. 1973, ch. 168, sec. 3, p. 339; am. 1977, ch. 183, sec. 3, p. 512; am. 1988 & redesignated 25-1161, ch. 75, sec. 32, p. 126.]

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