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25-1182.  Issuance of citations and arrest of violators. The state brand inspector, all deputy brand inspectors and all peace officers authorized by the laws of the state of Idaho to enforce brand inspection laws, are authorized and it is hereby made their duty to arrest with or without warrant any person or persons found violating any of the provisions of the brand inspection laws of the state of Idaho when detected in the act of violating such law or laws or found with livestock unlawfully in their possession at the time of such arrest. Arrests made pursuant to the brand inspection laws of the state of Idaho may be affected by:
(1)  Taking the offender into custody for immediate appearance before the nearest available magistrate having jurisdiction; or,
(2)  Issuing a citation to the offender to appear before a magistrate. Said citation shall bear the date, time and place for the offender’s appearance before a magistrate; the name and address of the offender, the offense charged, the approximate location where and the approximate time when the offense was committed and other such essential and descriptive information related to the offense as may be prescribed by the state brand board by rule or regulation adopted by said state brand board. The citation shall be signed by the offender notified to appear and he shall be given a copy thereof and thereupon may be released from custody. A citation shall be issued only by mutual agreement of the arresting officer and the offender as evidenced by both their signatures on said citation. Failure of the offender to appear at the time and place specified in the citation shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be cause for issuance of a warrant for said offender’s arrest.
Whenever any person is given a written citation containing a notice to appear as hereinabove provided, the magistrate shall be a magistrate within the county where the offense charged is alleged to have been committed and who has jurisdiction of the offense, or any other magistrate in any other county with jurisdiction over the alleged offense which is agreed to be more convenient by both the officer and the offender. Whenever an offender is taken immediately before a magistrate as hereinabove provided, it shall be any magistrate within the state of Idaho who has jurisdiction of the alleged offense.

[(25-1182) I.C., sec. 25-1414, as added by 1973, ch. 168, sec. 20, p. 339; am. 1988 & redesignated 25-1182, ch. 75, sec. 40, p. 130.]

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