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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


25-1722.  Exemptions. This act shall not be construed to include as a public livestock market:
(a)  Any place or operation where future farmers or 4-H groups, or private fairs conduct sales of livestock.
(b)  Any place or operation conducted for a dispersal sale of the livestock of a farmer, dairyman, livestock breeder or feeder who is discontinuing said business and no other livestock is sold or offered for sale.
(c)  Any place or operation where a breeder or an association of breeders of livestock assemble and offer for sale and sell under their own management any livestock when such breeders shall assume all responsibility of such sale and the title of livestock sold. This shall apply to all purebred livestock association sales.
(d)  All sales of livestock by any generally recognized statewide association or associations composed of persons engaged in the production in Idaho of cattle, calves, sheep, mules, horses, swine, or goats.
(e)  Sales of livestock by any nonprofit cooperative association, corporation sole or religious, fraternal or benevolent corporation, provided such association or corporation complies with regulations of the director in connection with such sale and such sales are not held in the regular course of business of such corporation or association.
(f)  Any Idaho auction market operated by an Idaho licensed auctioneer selling not more than twenty (20) animals a week or more than eighty (80) animals a month, provided such an auction market is bonded under the provisions of the Federal Packers and Stockyards Act, of 1921, as amended.

[25-1722, added 1961, ch. 201, sec. 4, p. 310; am. 1963, ch. 130, sec. 1, p. 382; am. 1965, ch. 138, sec. 1, p. 271; am. 1974, ch. 18, sec. 148, p. 364.]

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