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25-1726.  Hearing on application. A hearing shall be conducted by the director. If after a hearing upon such application at which interested persons may formally appear in support or opposition thereto, the director finds from the evidence presented that such public livestock market for which a market charter is sought would beneficially serve the livestock economy, such market charter shall be issued the applicant. In determining whether or not the application should be granted or denied, the director shall give reasonable consideration to:
(a)  The ability of the applicant to comply with that certain act of the congress of the United States known as the Packers and Stockyards Act, as amended (7 USC 181, et seq.).
(b)  The financial stability, business integrity and fiduciary responsibility of the applicant.
(c)  The livestock industry marketing benefits to be derived from the establishment and operation of the public livestock market proposed in the application.
(d)  The adequacy of the facilities set forth in the application, to permit the performance of market services proposed in the application.
(e)  The present market services elsewhere available to the trade area proposed to be served.
(f)  Whether the proposed public livestock market would be permanent and continuous.
(g)  The economic feasibility of the proposed market services based on competent evidence in respect to such aspects.
(h)  Proper facilities for health inspection and testing of livestock.

[25-1726, added 1961, ch. 201, sec. 8, p. 310; am. 1974, ch. 18, sec. 152, p. 364.]

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