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25-1729.  Transfers of market charters — Hearing and charter fees. Each market charter is personal to the holder and the facilities covered thereby, and transferable only upon application in the same form and manner as new applications for such market charters. A change in the membership of a partnership or association, or the sale or transfer, directly or indirectly, of a controlling interest in the stock ownership of a corporate market charter holder shall be deemed a transfer of the market charter, subject to the requirements of this section.
Any transfer of a market charter shall be accompanied by a processing fee of one hundred dollars ($100), which sum shall not be returnable to the applicant and which sum shall be remitted by the director to the public livestock market fund. Each such application shall also be accompanied by a separate remittance of the annual charter fee. If within ten (10) days after notice to those persons to whom notice is required to be given by section 25-1725, Idaho Code, a request for a hearing is not made by such a person, the director may transfer a market charter without a hearing if he finds that such a transfer meets the conditions required for a new charter but should a hearing be necessary, an additional fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) shall be remitted to the director before the proceedings shall begin.

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