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25-2204.  Determinations of viewers. It shall be the duty of the viewers by majority vote to determine within three (3) days after the appointment of the third viewer whether the person claiming the lien has a "legal fence" within the provisions of chapter 1, title 35, Idaho Code, entirely surrounding the enclosure. Any award of the viewers shall be itemized and made in writing, shall be signed by the viewers agreeing to it, and shall be made within the same three (3) day period within which they are to determine whether or not the enclosure has a "legal fence" surrounding it.
If it is determined that there is a "legal fence" the viewers shall then assess the lienholder’s damages and the costs of care and feeding the livestock and the other charges which are to be assessed as within the terms of the estray law, chapter 23, title 25, Idaho Code. Also, the viewers are entitled to receive mileage at the current rates then in effect for state employees.

[25-2204, added 1978, ch. 168, sec. 2, p. 367.]

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