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25-2309.  Charges for care, advertising and sale. The sheriff, brand inspector or person authorized by either of them to feed and care for stray livestock shall receive all actual expenses incurred; but food and care shall not be charged at a rate to exceed two dollars ($2.00) per head per day for cattle and horses nor more than seventy-five cents (75¢) per head per day for other animals from the time that the sheriff or brand inspector is notified that the livestock has been taken up as estray. The sheriff or brand inspector or livestock market shall receive like costs for any time during which the livestock are in their possession. The sheriff or brand inspector may also charge and receive mileage and inspection fees for inspecting any estray livestock for the purpose of determining ownership of the livestock at the rates provided for by law or regulation. Also, standard fees shall be payable for sale by the livestock market and for health and brand inspection and assessments or taxes for sale of livestock as provided for by law.

[I.C., sec. 25-2309, as added by 1976, ch. 88, sec. 2, p. 301.]

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