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25-2407.  Violation of commissioners’ order — Civil liability. Any person who shall, in violation of any order made pursuant to the provisions of section 25-2404, Idaho Code, permit or allow any of the animals designated in such order, owned by him or under his control, to run at large in such herd district, or to be herded on the said highway, shall be deemed guilty of a civil offense, for which, within a period of one (1) year, law enforcement officials shall issue a warning on at least the first and second such offense, and thereafter, for which a civil penalty of not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) may be imposed per animal unit in violation, the aggregate of which shall not exceed five hundred dollars ($500), plus restitution to the owner for any damage to property. The pendency of any such action shall not prevent nor prejudice the bringing of another action against the same party for a violation of such order committed after the commencement of such pending action. For purposes of this section, an animal unit shall be as defined, at the time of such violation, by federal and state agencies which administer the grazing of livestock on public lands.

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