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25-2408.  Civil liability. The owner of animals permitted or allowed to run at large, or herded in violation of any order made in accordance with the provisions of section 25-2404, shall be liable to any person who shall suffer damage from the depredations or trespasses of such animals, without regard to the condition of his fence; and the person so damaged shall have a lien upon said animals for the amount of damage done, and the cost of the proceedings to recover the same, and may take the animals into custody until all such damages are paid: provided, that the person so taking said animals into custody shall not have the right to retain the same for more than five (5) days without commencing an action against the owner thereof for such damages. Said damages may be recovered by a civil action before any court of competent jurisdiction, and no such action shall be defeated or affected by reason of any criminal action commenced or prosecuted against the same party under the provisions of the preceding section.

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