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25-3122.  Referendum regarding continuance of commission. After five (5) years from the date the commission was created, a referendum may be held at the petition of the producers or at the request of the commission. The question shall be submitted by secret ballots upon which the words "For continuance of the Idaho Dairy Products Commission" and "Against continuance of the Idaho Dairy Products Commission" are printed, with a square before each proposition and a direction to insert an "X" mark in the square before the proposition which the voter favors. In the event a referendum is held as provided in this section, no further referendum on the question of discontinuance of such commission shall be held within five (5) years from the date the result of the previous referendum was declared.
The referendum must be held and supervised by the department upon its receiving either of the following:
(1)  A petition signed by twenty percent (20%) of the producers or two thousand (2,000) producers, whichever is less.
(2)  At written request from the commission.
(3)  The commission shall pay the costs of any such referendum.
The referendum shall be held, notice thereof given, expenses thereof paid and the result determined, declared and recorded in the office of the secretary of state. No hearings or district meetings shall be made prior to the referendum upon the question of determining whether such referendum should be held.
Notice of such referendum must be given by the commission in a manner determined by them. The ballots must also be prepared by the commission and forwarded to the producer members who shall return them within twenty (20) days after mailing by the commission.

[25-3122, added 1969, ch. 140, sec. 23, p. 435; am. 2013, ch. 176, sec. 11, p. 411.]

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