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25-3201.  Definitions. When used in this act:
(1)  The term "rendering establishment" means a place of business that deals in rendering material of animal origin and processes it into finished products in such a way that risk, damage, or nuisance to animal or public health is avoided. Any person who receives from any other person the body of any dead animal for the purposes of obtaining the hide, skin, grease, meat, bones, or parts thereof from such animal for further processing to a finished form as described in paragraph (5) of this section is deemed to be engaged in the business of disposing and rendering of the bodies of dead animals or parts thereof.
(2)  The term "rendering material" means and includes any dead animal not slaughtered as food for animals or man, or if slaughtered for food, becomes unsuitable for such use, and includes all parts of dead animals and all inedible by-products of animals slaughtered or processed as food.
(3)  The term "animal" means any member of the animal kingdom such as fish, reptiles, birds and mammals, etc.
(4)  The term "4-D animals" means dead, dying, disabled, or diseased animals.
(5)  The term "finished products" means any product or material processed or manufactured from rendering material or from 4-D animals by a rendering establishment or establishment processing 4-D animals such as bone meal, blood meal, meat meal, tankage, feather meal, tallow, etc., or fresh frozen, partially cooked, or cooked or canned pet, fur animal, or other animal feed.
(6)  The term "establishments processing 4-D animals" means a place of business that processes the carcasses or any part of carcasses of 4-D animals to be used as feed for dogs, cats, fur-bearing or other animals.
(7)  The term "inspector" means a state employee trained and assigned to inspect rendering plants and establishments processing 4-D animals.
(8)  The term "department" means the state department of agriculture.
(9)  The term "laboratory tests" means tests conducted as deemed necessary by the department to ensure that the finished product meets required specifications for quality and safety (to include protein analysis, contaminating agents of disease, etc.); such laboratory tests to be performed in laboratories approved as provided in paragraph (8) of this section and on samples of finished products collected by the inspector.

[25-3201, added 1969, ch. 33, sec. 1, p. 57; am. 2014, ch. 97, sec. 6, p. 270.]

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