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25-3207.  Restraining order authorized. The director of the department of agriculture is hereby authorized to issue orders to restrain the operation of any rendering or disposal plant or establishment engaged in the collection of, handling of, or transportation of rendering materials or finished products where such operation is carried on in violation of the laws of the state of Idaho or the rules, regulations or orders made thereunder. Restraining orders will be issued after notice and hearing, except that restraining orders may be issued without notice of hearing where in the opinion of the director the violation constitutes a menace to public health requiring immediate and summary abatement and he so finds in writing. Licensees shall have the right to appeal from restraining orders to the appropriate district court within twenty (20) days after service of the restraining order whether such order be made upon hearing or summarily. Execution of a restraining order may be stayed on appeal except when such restraining order is issued to restrain a menace to public health requiring immediate and summary abatement.

[25-3207, added 1969, ch. 33, sec. 7, p. 57; am. 1974, ch. 18, sec. 172, p. 364.]

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