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25-3601.  Ratites designated livestock. It shall be lawful for any person, persons, association or corporation to engage in the business of propagating, breeding, owning or controlling domestic ratites, which are defined as cassowary, ostrich, emu and rhea. For the purposes of all classification and administration of the laws of the state of Idaho, and all administrative orders and rules pertaining thereto, the breeding, raising, producing or marketing of such animals or their products by the producer shall be deemed an agricultural pursuit; such animals shall be deemed livestock and their products shall be deemed agricultural products; the persons engaged in such agricultural pursuits shall be deemed farmers, ratite farmers, ratite breeders or ratite ranchers; the premises within which such a pursuit is conducted shall be deemed farms, ratite farms, or ratite ranches.

[(25-3601) 25-3501, added 1994, ch. 72, sec. 1, p. 149; am. and redesig. 2005, ch. 25, sec. 24, p. 94.]

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