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25-4010.  FEES AND ASSESSMENTS TO BE COLLECTED. (1) The department may levy a fee or assessment against the permit holder for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this chapter and rules promulgated hereunder.
(2)  Fees or assessments collected shall be used for costs related to the implementation of the provisions of this chapter.
(3)  Fees or assessments shall be levied on a uniform basis in an amount reasonably necessary to cover the cost of the inspection program and the administration of the department of agriculture poultry program. The department shall adjust the fees to be collected under this section as necessary to meet the expenses of the inspections.
(4)  The annual fees or assessments shall be based on the square footage of the confinement area. Such fees or assessments may not exceed three cents (3¢) per square foot.
(5)  All fees and assessments collected or received by the department under this chapter shall be deposited in the "poultry inspection fund," which fund is hereby created in the state treasury. All moneys coming into the poultry inspection fund are hereby appropriated to the department of agriculture to be used in the inspections required under this chapter.
(6)  The fees and assessments accrued in any given year are due and payable no later than January 20 of the following year.
(7)  Fees and assessments for new or expanded operations shall be prorated for each month of operation.

[25-4010, added 2011, ch. 227, sec. 1, p. 618.]

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