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25-613A.  Official vaccination against brucellosis required — Penalty. (1) All female cattle in the state of Idaho shall be officially vaccinated for protection against brucellosis except as provided in subsection (2) of this section. "Officially vaccinated" shall mean a bovine female animal vaccinated against brucellosis in accordance with section 25-613, Idaho Code, under the supervision of a federal or state veterinary official with age limits prescribed by the department, with a vaccine approved by the department, and permanently identified as such a vaccinate and reported at the time of vaccination to the department or appropriate federal agency cooperating in the eradication of brucellosis.
(2)  Female cattle which have not been officially vaccinated shall not be utilized for breeding or dairy purposes. Such cattle may be shipped directly to slaughter, placed in recognized feedlots within the state to be finish fed for slaughter or may be shipped out of the state of Idaho to a state that will accept them as nonvaccinated cattle. The department may require that female cattle which have not been officially vaccinated be uniquely identified as nonvaccinates and may specify in rules identification requirements, methods for identification, requirements for feedlot facilities, entry of cattle into the feedlot, removal of cattle from the feedlot, and recordkeeping requirements for feedlots which desire to finish feed nonvaccinated female cattle.
(3)  Female cattle which have not been officially vaccinated may enter the state of Idaho from a state that does not require vaccination. Such cattle shall only be destined for feedlots approved by the director or to other locations at the discretion and under the oversight of the director. Such cattle that are to be utilized for breeding or dairy purposes must be vaccinated upon arrival at a feedlot or other facility approved by the director pursuant to the rules of the department. Female cattle, imported pursuant to the provisions of this subsection, which are eighteen (18) months of age or older (as evidenced by the loss of the first pair of temporary incisors) shall be tested negative for brucellosis to an official brucellosis test prior to being vaccinated.
(4)  The director of the department or his designee may grant a hearing to any persons, under such rules as the department may prescribe which are in compliance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, as to whether an exception should be made to the provisions of this section. An appeal may be taken from the decision of the director or his designee under the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
(5)  Any person who shall possess or own in this state or acquire within this state any cattle contrary to the provisions of this section shall be subject to the provisions of section 25-616, Idaho Code. The department also may order that when animals are found not to be in compliance with the provisions of chapter 2, title 25, Idaho Code, and chapter 6, title 25, Idaho Code, that they be slaughtered, removed from the state, or placed in a feedlot approved by the director.

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