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28-9-523.  Information from filing office — Sale or license of records — Farm products — Master lists. (a) If a person that files a written record requests an acknowledgment of the filing, the filing office shall send to the person an image of the record showing the number assigned to the record pursuant to section 28-9-519(a)(1) and the date and time of the filing of the record. However, if the person furnishes a copy of the record to the filing office, the filing office may instead:
(1)  Note upon the copy the number assigned to the record pursuant to section 28-9-519(a)(1) and the date and time of the filing of the record; and
(2)  Send the copy to the person.
(b)  If a person files a record other than a written record, the filing office shall communicate to the person an acknowledgment that provides:
(1)  The information in the record;
(2)  The number assigned to the record pursuant to section 28-9-519(a)(1); and
(3)  The date and time of the filing of the record.
(c)  The filing office shall communicate or otherwise make available in a record the following information to any person that requests it:
(1)  Whether there is on file on a date and time specified by the filing office, but not a date earlier than three (3) business days before the filing office receives the request, any financing statement that:
(A)  designates a particular debtor;
(B)  has not lapsed under section 28-9-515 with respect to all secured parties of record; and
(C)  if the request so states, has lapsed under section 28-9-515 and a record of which is maintained by the filing office under section 28-9-522(a);
(2)  The date and time of filing of each financing statement; and
(3)  The information provided in each financing statement.
(d)  In complying with its duty under subsection (c) of this section, the filing office may communicate information in any medium. However, if requested, the filing office shall communicate information by issuing a record that can be admitted into evidence in the courts of this state without extrinsic evidence of its authenticity.
(e)  The filing office shall perform the acts required by subsections (a) through (d) of this section at the time and in the manner prescribed by filing office rule, but in the case of a filing office described in section 28-9-501(a)(2), not later than two (2) business days after the filing office receives the request.
(f)  At least weekly, the filing office shall offer to sell or license to the public on a nonexclusive basis, in bulk, copies of all records filed in it under this part, in every medium from time to time available to the filing office.
(g)  The secretary of state shall maintain a central filing system containing the information filed with his office pursuant to section 28-9-502(e). Under this system the secretary shall record the date and time of filing and compile the information into a master list organized according to farm products. The list shall be organized within each farm product category in alphabetical order according to the last name of the borrower or, in the case of borrowers doing business other than as individuals, the first word in the name of such borrower. The list shall be further organized according to and contain information required by federal law and regulation. The secretary of state shall, by duly adopted administrative rule, designate the categories of farm products to be used in compiling the master list. The secretary of state may establish and maintain, pursuant to duly adopted administrative rule, a separate system for filing of financing statements and search, retrieval and dissemination of information relating to financing statements for farm products, and require separate search requests for such information pursuant to a fee schedule to be established in such administrative rule.
(h)  The secretary of state shall maintain a list of all buyers of farm products, commission merchants, and selling agents who register with the secretary of state indicating an interest in receiving the lists described in subsection (i) of this section.
(i)  The secretary of state shall distribute complete master lists for each farm product category at least quarterly to each buyer, commission merchant and selling agent registered under subsection (h) of this section and distribute either complete lists or cumulative supplements, which supplements shall be issued not less frequently than semimonthly, of financing statements covering farm products filed subsequent to the last date of filing for financing statements on the last preceding quarterly master list, which the buyer, commission merchant or selling agent has requested. The date of receipt for lists and supplements shall be the third calendar day following the date of mailing by the secretary of state, or in the event the mail is not delivered on that day, the first day thereafter on which mail is delivered.
(j)  Upon the request of any person the secretary of state shall provide, within twenty-four (24) hours, an oral confirmation of the filing of the financing statement covering farm products followed by a written confirmation.
(k)  Upon request of any person, the filing officer shall furnish copies of particular filed financing statements covering farm products or statements of assignment covering farm products at a uniform cost of one dollar ($1.00) per page if the requestor provides the filing officer with the file numbers of the statement to be copied.

[28-9-523, added 2001, ch. 208, sec. 2, p. 777.]

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