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30-24-503.  SHARING OF AND RIGHT TO DISTRIBUTIONS BEFORE DISSOLUTION. (a)  Any distribution made by a limited partnership before its dissolution and winding up must be shared among the partners on the basis of the value, as stated in the required information when the limited partnership decides to make the distribution, of the contributions the limited partnership has received from each partner, except to the extent necessary to comply with a transfer effective under section 30-24-702, Idaho Code, or charging order in effect under section 30-24-703, Idaho Code.
(b)  A person has a right to a distribution before the dissolution and winding up of a limited partnership only if the partnership decides to make an interim distribution. A person’s dissociation does not entitle the person to a distribution.
(c)  A person does not have a right to demand or receive a distribution from a limited partnership in any form other than money. Except as otherwise provided in section 30-24-810(f), Idaho Code, a partnership may distribute an asset in kind only if each part of the asset is fungible with each other part and each person receives a percentage of the asset equal in value to the person’s share of distributions.
(d)  If a partner or transferee becomes entitled to receive a distribution, the partner or transferee is entitled to all remedies available to a creditor of the limited partnership with respect to the distribution. However, the partnership’s obligation to make a distribution is subject to offset for any amount owed to the partnership by the partner or a person dissociated as a partner on whose account the distribution is made.

[30-24-503, added 2015, ch. 243, sec. 37, p. 854.]

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