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30-29-1331.  COURT COSTS AND expenses. (a) The court in an appraisal proceeding commenced under section 30-29-1330, Idaho Code, shall determine all court costs of the proceeding, including the reasonable compensation and expenses of appraisers appointed by the court. The court shall assess the court costs against the corporation, except that the court may assess court costs against all or some of the shareholders demanding appraisal, in amounts that the court finds equitable, to the extent the court finds such shareholders acted arbitrarily, vexatiously, or not in good faith with respect to the rights provided by this part.
(b)  The court in an appraisal proceeding may also assess the expenses of the respective parties, in amounts the court finds equitable:
(1)  Against the corporation and in favor of any or all shareholders demanding appraisal if the court finds the corporation did not substantially comply with the requirements of section 30-29-1320, 30-29-1322, 30-29-1324 or 30-29-1325, Idaho Code; or
(2)  Against either the corporation or a shareholder demanding appraisal, in favor of any other party, if the court finds that the party against whom expenses are assessed acted arbitrarily, vexatiously, or not in good faith with respect to the rights provided by this part.
(c)  If the court in an appraisal proceeding finds that the expenses incurred by any shareholder were of substantial benefit to other shareholders similarly situated and that such expenses should not be assessed against the corporation, the court may direct that such expenses be paid out of the amounts awarded the shareholders who were benefited.
(d)  To the extent the corporation fails to make a required payment pursuant to section 30-29-1324, 30-29-1325 or 30-29-1326, Idaho Code, the shareholder may sue directly for the amount owed and, to the extent successful, shall be entitled to recover from the corporation all expenses of the suit.

[30-29-1331, added 2015, ch. 243, sec. 68, p. 956; am. 2019, ch. 90, sec. 143, p. 318.]

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