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31-1001.  Erection of buildings — Furnishing of offices — Contracts — Lease of premises for courthouse or jail — Books and stationery. The board must cause to be erected or furnished, a courthouse, jail and such other public buildings as may be necessary, and must, when necessary, provide offices with necessary furniture for the sheriff, clerk of the district court and ex officio auditor and recorder, county treasurer, prosecuting attorney, county assessor and county surveyor, and must draw warrants in payment of the same: provided, that the contract for the erection of any such buildings must be let, after thirty (30) days’ notice for proposals, to the lowest bidder who will give security for the completion of any contract he may make respecting the same; and, provided further, no contracts for the purchase of furniture must be let under the provisions of this section when the expenses thereunder will exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000). And, provided further, that no part of the provisions of this section shall be construed to prevent the board of county commissioners, from entering into a lease for courthouse premises, rooms and jail for any period in their discretion, not to exceed thirty (30) years, and provided that the county commissioners may contract with responsible parties for the leasing of a courthouse, jail and hospital, or a combination of courthouse, jail and hospital, or fairground buildings and facilities, to be constructed upon premises owned by the county or otherwise, provided that said contract shall be let subject to the provisions of chapter 28, title 67, Idaho Code; the contract also may provide that at the expiration of the term of the lease, upon full performance of such lease by the county, the said courthouse premises, rooms and jail, fairground buildings and facilities, or so much thereof as is leased, may become the property of the county. The board must also provide all necessary books of record for the county auditor and recorder, county treasurer, county assessor, and tax collector, clerk of the district court, county surveyor, and the books and stationery for the use of the board, and so much as is necessary for the use of said county officers in the transaction of official business. Nothing herein shall be construed as limiting or otherwise affecting a lease or other transaction between the Idaho health facilities authority and the board of county commissioners as provided in section 31-836, Idaho Code.

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