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31-2413.  Reception book. There shall be provided by the county recorder of each county, a book for use in the office of the recorder to be known as the reception book, in which shall be entered, immediately after numbering, all instruments, papers or notices authorized by law to be recorded. Such book shall be ruled in parallel columns and in the first column at the left hand side of the page shall be entered the instrument number; in the second column, the day, hour and minute of filing; in the third column, the grantor, or person executing the instrument; in the fourth column, the grantee, or person to whom the instrument is executed, if there be such; in the fifth column, the character of the instrument; in the sixth column, the book and page where recorded; in the seventh column a brief description of the property, if any, described therein; and in the last column at the right, the name of the person to whom delivered. Such book shall be a part of the public records of such office, and open to public inspection during office hours.

[(31-2413) 1903, p. 428, sec. 2; reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 2072; C.S., sec. 3645; I.C.A., sec. 30-1913; am. 1989, ch. 90, sec. 6, p. 213.]

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