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31-2414.  Certificate of time of reception. When any such instrument, paper or notice is numbered and entered in the reception book and indexed, it shall be recorded, as now provided by law; and it shall be the duty of the recorder to write or stamp, or cause to be written or stamped, at the beginning of the record thereof, if recorded, the words "Instrument number" and add thereto the number stamped or written on such instrument, paper or notice, and to add immediately after the record thereof, a certificate setting forth the exact time of the reception of such instrument, paper or notice, giving the day, hour and minute as set out in the original notation of recording made by him upon the instrument, paper or notice itself, and the name of the person at whose request it is recorded, which record and certificate he shall authenticate with his official signature, but for which certificate and authentication he shall not be authorized or permitted to collect a fee.

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