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31-2613.  Contingent fund — Manner of disbursement. All disbursements from said fund shall be made in the usual manner by the county treasurer of each county upon the warrant of the auditor of each county, which auditor’s warrant shall be executed and delivered in an amount, and to the person designated by the order of the prosecuting attorney, countersigned by any judge of the district court for that county.
Before any such approval shall be indorsed upon any such order of any prosecuting attorney so applying for the same, it shall be the duty of said prosecuting attorney so applying for the same, to present to said judge of the district court an itemized and detailed statement of the expenses, for the payment of which he then makes application, and which statement shall be verified by said prosecuting attorney in the usual manner provided for the verification of claims against the counties of this state.
Immediately upon such judge of the district court affixing his indorsement to said order of the prosecuting attorney, said judge, if in his opinion the public interests will not be prejudiced thereby, and if he be of the opinion that the public interests will permit, shall file in the office of the county auditor of the county on which said order is drawn, said itemized and verified list so furnished by said prosecuting attorney.

[(31-2613) 1911, ch. 140, secs. 3-5, p. 436; reen. C.L., sec. 2086f; C.S., sec. 3664; I.C.A., sec. 30-2113.]

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