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31-3302.  County charges enumerated. The following are county charges:
(1)  Charges incurred against the county by virtue of any provision of this title.
(2)  The compensation allowed by law to constables and sheriffs for executing process on persons charged with criminal offenses; for services and expenses in conveying criminals to jail; for the service of subpoenas issued by or at the request of the prosecuting attorneys, and for other services in relation to criminal proceedings.
(3)  The expenses necessarily incurred in the support of persons charged with or convicted of crime and committed therefor to the county jail. Provided that any medical expenses shall be paid at the rate of reimbursement as provided in chapter 35, title 31, Idaho Code, unless a rate of reimbursement is otherwise established by contract or agreement.
(4)  The compensation allowed by law to county officers in criminal proceedings, when not otherwise collectible.
(5)  The sum required by law to be paid to grand jurors and indigent witnesses in criminal cases.
(6)  The accounts of the coroner of the county, for such services as are not provided to be paid otherwise.
(7)  The necessary expenses incurred in the support of county hospitals, and the indigent sick and nonmedical assistance for indigents, whose support is chargeable to the county.
(8)  The contingent expenses, necessarily incurred for the use and benefit of the county.
(9)  Every other sum directed by law to be raised for any county purpose, under the direction of the board of county commissioners, or declared to be a county charge.

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