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31-3506.  Internal management — Accounts and reports. Such facilities as referred to in section 31-3503, Idaho Code, may suitably provide for and accept other patients and must charge and accept payments from such other patients as are able to make payments for services rendered and care given. The county commissioners may make suitable rules and regulations for the management and operation of such property by a suitable board of control, or otherwise, or for carrying out such hospital uses and purposes under a lease of the same.
The boards or officers or lessees of such hospital property shall render accounts and reports to the county commissioners as may be required by the county commissioners; and shall render accounts and deliver over any and all moneys received by them for the county to the county treasurer to be credited to the operation expense of hospitals and indigent sick and otherwise dependent poor of the county in such manner as provided by law for the handling of funds of this kind.
Said board of control may permit persons from out of the county where such hospital is located to be admitted for hospitalization to such hospital. As to such cases special rates for the use and service of such hospital may be provided which rates shall apply equally to all such patients who do not pay taxes within the county where such hospital is located. The purpose of providing such special rates shall be to compel persons living out of the county where such hospital is located, and who receive hospitalization in such hospital, to bear a just burden of the cost of construction and maintenance of such hospital.

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