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31-407.  Provision for holding election — Notice thereof to be given. If the court shall order an election, copies of such order, certified by the clerk, shall at once be filed with the county clerk of the county which it is proposed to consolidate, and also with the county clerk of the county with which the consolidation is proposed. The county clerk of each of said counties shall cause a notice of the holding of said election to be published in a newspaper published in each county designating the consolidation proposal to be voted on, the date of the election, the hours during which the polls will be opened, and the polling places in each precinct. The first publication of such notice shall be made not less than twelve (12) days prior to the election and the last publication of notice shall be made not less than five (5) days prior to the election. The county clerk in each county shall likewise, not less than thirty (30) days before such election, cause a copy of such notice to be posted in a conspicuous place in each precinct in each county and in/or near each post office situated therein. If no newspaper be published in such county, the notice given by posting as herein provided shall be sufficient. In any conflict between these election specifications and those provided in chapter 14, title 34, Idaho Code, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.

[31-407, added 1933, ch. 135, sec. 7, p. 206; am. 2009, ch. 341, sec. 14, p. 1002.]

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