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31-4107.  Notice — Text of petition published in newspaper — Sponsors pay cost. Upon receipt of a duly certified petition the board of county commissioners shall cause the text of the petition to be published once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the county where the petition is presented. If any portion of the proposed district lies in another county the petition and notice shall likewise be published in that county. No more than five (5) names attached to the petition shall appear in the publication and notice but the number of signatures shall be stated. With the publication of the petition there shall be published a notice of the time of the meeting of the county commissioners when the petition will be considered stating that all persons interested may appear and be heard.
At the time of filing the petition the sponsors thereof shall cause to be deposited with the county clerk and recorder a sufficient sum of money to cover the cost of publication of all necessary notices. If the notices are not published the deposit shall be returned to whomsoever deposited the funds and if there is any surplus remaining after paying for the publication as herein provided it shall be returned to the original depositor or depositors and if a district is created the fees so expended are an obligation of the district and shall be repaid by the district to the depositors.

[31-4107, added 1969, ch. 308, sec. 7, p. 944.]

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