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31-4114.  Powers and duties. A translator district organized under this act, acting through its board of trustees may:
a.  Perform all the acts and take all the necessary or proper steps to assure that there will be a fair, efficient, and equitable distribution of television services within the area in order that all persons within the service area shall be supplied by means of an appropriate electrical or electronic system for television program distribution, but may not perform any acts or take any steps to construct or operate community antenna systems, commonly known and referred to as cable TV systems; the authorized system to provide such flexibility as to permit improvements in technical quality;
b.  If necessary or proper in the furtherance of the objects of this act, acquire, build, construct, repair, own, maintain and operate any necessary stations transmitting simultaneous signals intended to be received by the general public, relay stations, pick-up stations, or any other electrical or electronic system necessary;
c.  Make contracts to compensate any owner of land or other property for the use of such property for the purposes of this act;
d.  Make contracts with the United States, or any state, municipality or any department or agency of those entities for carrying out the general purposes for which the district is formed;
e.  Acquire by gift, devise, bequest, lease, purchase, or eminent domain real and personal property, tangible or intangible, including lands, rights of way and easements, necessary or convenient for its purposes;
f.  To make contracts of any lawful nature (including labor contracts or those for employees’ benefits), employ engineers, laboratory personnel, attorneys, other technical or professional assistants, and any other assistants or employees necessary to carry out the provisions of this act;
g.  Prescribe assessment rates for the providing of services throughout the area in accordance with the provisions of this act;
h.  And, apply for, accept, and be the holder of any permit or license issued by or required under federal or state law.

[31-4114, added 1969, ch. 308, sec. 14, p. 944.]

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