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31-4305.  Directors — Qualifications — Vacancy — Compensation — Term. Each district shall be governed by a board of three (3) directors who shall manage and conduct the business and affairs of such district and all powers granted to such district by this chapter shall be exercised by such board or its duly authorized officers and agents.
At any time after the creation of the district, the board of directors may, by resolution duly adopted, increase the size of the board from three (3) members to five (5) members. The resolution shall provide for the designation of five (5) director’s subdistricts. A qualified elector shall be appointed by the board to each of the newly created director’s positions, one (1) of whom shall serve until the first district election thereafter held, and one (1) of whom shall serve until the second district election thereafter held.
Every director appointed or elected shall be a qualified elector and a resident of such district. Not more than one (1) director shall reside in the same director’s subdistrict. Each director shall take and subscribe an oath of office before assuming any duties which oath shall be filed in the records of the board. Any vacancy occurring in the office of director, other than by expiration of the term of office, shall be filled by appointment by the board for the unexpired term. The directors shall receive no compensation for their services as a director but shall be entitled to reimbursement for the amount of their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties. Following the term of the initial appointment, a director shall be elected for a term of four (4) years which shall begin on the first day of January of the year following such election and shall continue until a successor is elected and has qualified.

[31-4305, added 1970, ch. 212, sec. 5, p. 599; am. 1983, ch. 114, sec. 1, p. 245; am. 1995, ch. 118, sec. 39, p. 462.]

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