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31-4322.  Bond issues authorized — Form and terms. To carry out the purposes of this chapter and to pay the necessary expenses of the district, the board is hereby authorized to issue negotiable coupon bonds of the district. Bonds shall be due and payable serially either annually or semiannually, commencing not later than three (3) years and extending not more than thirty (30) years from date. The form and terms of said bonds, including provisions for the rate of interest, their payment, and redemption shall be determined by the board. If the board so determines, such bonds may be redeemable prior to maturity, upon payment of a premium not exceeding three per cent (3%) of the net principal thereof. Said bonds shall be executed in the name of, and on behalf of, the district and signed by the chairman of the board with the seal of the district affixed thereto, and attested by the secretary of the board. Said bonds shall be in such denominations as the board shall determine, and the bonds and coupons thereto attached shall be payable to bearer. Interest coupons shall bear the original or facsimile signature of the chairman of the board. In other respects, said bonds shall be issued, sold and paid in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Bond Law of the state of Idaho.

[I.C., sec. 31-4322, as added by 1971, ch. 71, sec. 1, p. 161.]

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