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31-4326A.  Security — Tax levies and sinking fund. After the issuance of any bonds authorized by section 31-4326, Idaho Code, the full faith and credit of the issuing district, and all taxable property within its limits, as constituted at the time of the issuance of such bonds, are, shall be, and must continue, pledged to the full and prompt payment of the principal and interest thereof. Should any tax for the payment of principal and interest on any bonds issued under the provisions of this act at any time not be levied or collected in time to meet such payments, such payments shall be made out of other funds of such district. The governing board of such district shall levy and cause to be levied annually at the time when and in the manner in which other general taxes of such district are levied, upon all the taxable property within its limits, in addition to all other authorized taxes and assessments, a tax or assessment sufficient to meet the payments of principal of and interest on said bonds as the same mature, and to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal amount of said bonds and the interest thereon within no more than twenty (20) years from the time of contracting the indebtedness evidenced thereby all in accordance with the provisions made for the payment of the principal of and interest on such bonds as theretofore provided by ordinance or by resolution and as required by the constitution and laws of the state of Idaho; and such taxes shall be levied, assessed, certified, extended, and collected by the proper officers and at the times, all as fixed by law and as other taxes are levied, assessed, certified, extended and collected in, for and by the district and by the same officers thereof until the principal and interest of all such bonds and interest thereon shall be fully paid. All of such taxes when collected shall be credited by the proper receiving officers to separate funds distinct from the funds for the payment of the principal of or the interest on bonds of any other series or issue, and apart from any other funds of the district. The requirements of this section shall apply to all bonds hereafter issued by recreation districts pursuant to said section 31-4326, Idaho Code, including any such bonds heretofore voted but not yet issued.

[I.C., sec. 31-4326A, as added by 1973, ch. 77, sec. 1, p. 122.]

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