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31-4407A.  Changes in status of major waste generators and municipalities — Procedures. (1) Major solid waste generators and municipalities operating solid waste collection or disposal systems pursuant to the authority conferred by law or desiring to initiate or abandon such systems shall conform to the procedures and standards set forth in this section before taking any action which would significantly affect the amount or distribution of solid waste within any county. The board of county commissioners of any county may waive operation of the procedure called for in this section by passage of a resolution indicating their intent to do so.
(2)  Whenever a county shall propose the establishment of a new solid waste processing facility within the boundaries of the county or in conjunction with adjoining counties, it shall give notice to all municipalities within its boundaries that it intends to establish a processing facility. In conjunction with the notice, the county shall provide a copy of a feasibility study prepared by a licensed professional engineer concerning the proposed processing facility which shall address the estimated capital cost of the facility, estimated costs of operation of the facility, and the estimated life span of the facility. The notice shall be provided to potentially affected municipalities at least one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the scheduled initiation of construction of any solid waste processing facility.
(3)  Within ninety (90) days of receipt of the notice, each affected municipality shall respond to the notice provided by the county, indicating in its response the intention of the municipality to participate in the use of the proposed facility or to develop or continue operation of an independent solid waste processing facility of its own for the projected duration of the proposed county project.
(4)  Pursuant to the responses received from affected municipalities, the county proposing development of the solid waste processing facility may tender contracts to participating municipalities assuring the availability of waste disposal capacity at the proposed facility for any duration promised by contract and securing commitments from the municipalities to participate in use of the facility for the duration of its projected life. The contracts shall not constitute guarantees of costs or duration of serviceability of the proposed facility. The contracts may provide for annual adjustments to reflect changes in the relative contribution rates of municipalities to the waste stream feeding the disposal facility. No capital contribution obligation shall extend beyond fifteen (15) years. Additional contracts for capital participation may be proposed and entered into after the expiration of the initial agreement.
(5)  Any municipality which indicates its intent not to participate in a proposed facility shall be barred from later participation without the consent of the board of county commissioners and without payment of a capital contribution adequate to finance the cost of additional capacity adequate to accommodate the waste stream generated within the municipality. The amount and method of payment of the capital contribution shall be established by the board of county commissioners.
(6)  Any municipality which elects to participate in a given solid waste processing facility, but later elects to withdraw from said project, may do so, but shall remain obligated for any capital costs incurred in its behalf, but may receive partial credit for operational economies created by its withdrawal. The burden of proof of the extent of operational economies shall rest upon the withdrawing municipality.
(7)  Major solid waste generators located outside participating municipalities shall be treated in the same manner as municipalities concerning commitments to waste facility capacity. Boards of county commissioners are authorized to enter into contracts with major solid waste generators for the expected duration of operation of any solid waste processing facility.

[31-4407A, added 1987, ch. 213, sec. 3, p. 455.]

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