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31-501.  Bonds authorized in new counties to put finances on cash basis. The board of county commissioners of any new county which may have been formed, organized or created pursuant to the acts of the legislature of the state of Idaho, approved subsequent to the first day of January, 1911, or which may be hereafter formed, organized or created, may in the exercise of its judgment and discretion when deemed advisable and in the interests and for the benefit of the county, and to enable such county to be placed as near as may be on a cash basis, issue and negotiate coupon bonds at such time and in such manner and upon such terms as are deemed for the best interests of the county, in order to provide funds with which to pay and entirely discharge any part, either on all of the warrant, bonded, floating or other indebtedness or obligations which may have been either assumed or are owing by such new county to the county or counties out of which such new county was formed or the indebtedness incurred by such new county in the transcribing and certifying of records and the preparing of indexes, in the purchase and providing of books, records, furniture, fixtures, office supplies, safes, vaults and a jail, in the employment of accountants and appraisers and for other ordinary and necessary equipment and expense incident to the organization of such new county, or an amount of the then outstanding warrant indebtedness of such new county equal to the amount previously expended by such new county for the purpose or purposes herein above-mentioned, and such bonds shall constitute a legal charge and obligation of the county.

[(31-501) 1915, ch. 20, part of sec. 1, p. 72; reen. C.L. 146:1; C.S., sec. 3759; I.C.A., sec. 30-401.]

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