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31-5004.  Petition or resolution to adopt an optional form of county government — Contents — Question to be submitted at general election. (1) The governing body of each county shall have the authority to submit to the electors of the county the question of the adoption of an optional form of county government as follows:
(a)  The governing body may pass a resolution providing for the submission of the question;
(b)  The governing body shall submit the question upon a petition signed by petitioners equal in number to fifteen percent (15%) of the qualified electors voting in the county in the last general election.
(2)  A separate petition or resolution shall be required for each optional form of county government proposed.
(3)  The petition or resolution to establish an optional form of county government shall contain:
(a)  A complete description of the proposed optional form of government as required under the provisions of the chapter pertaining to the form of government proposed to be adopted and under any other provisions of this act;
(b)  A description of the effect of adopting the option upon any incumbents;
(c)  A statement that if an optional form is adopted the question to return to the previous form or any other optional form of county government may be placed at subsequent elections but not more frequently than every four (4) years.
(4)  The question of adopting an optional form of county government shall be submitted at the general election.
(5)  The provisions of section 34-1801C, Idaho Code, shall govern the requirements for signatures, verification of valid petitions, printing and review of petitions, and time limits, unless expressly modified by other provisions of this act. The petition must be certified as provided in section 34-1801C, Idaho Code, prior to September 1 of the year of the general election at which the question of adopting the optional form of government proposed by the petition is to appear on the ballot.

[31-5004, added 1996, ch. 283, sec. 1, p. 918; am. 2018, ch. 238, sec. 5, p. 561.]

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