Idaho Statutes

33-1505.  Seller’s warranty. All school buses shall at all times conform to standards of construction therefor specified by the state board of education. No contract shall be negotiated or executed for the purchase or sale of any school bus, body, or chassis, where the same is to be used as, or as a part of, a school bus, which said contract would provide for construction standards not in conformity with those specified by the said state board.
Any person selling or offering for sale any school bus, or any body or chassis thereof, shall warrant that such school bus, body or chassis sold or offered for sale is in no respect below the standards of construction prescribed therefor by the state board of education. If, after the sale of any school bus, or any body or chassis, and before the same is placed into operation, an inspection as hereinafter required shall disclose that such equipment is below the said minimum standards, the seller shall, immediately after notification thereof and at his own expense, make such additions or changes as will meet the said minimum standards or, in lieu thereof, the said seller shall refund the full purchase price paid for such equipment by the buyer, and repossess the said equipment.

[33-1505, added 1963, ch. 13, sec. 83, p. 27.]

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