Idaho Statutes

33-1508.  Operation of school buses. (1) All school buses shall at all times be operated in conformity with law and with rules of the Idaho state police and the state board of education.
(2)  No school bus shall:
(a)  Cross any railroad track, or enter or cross any arterial highway without first coming to a full stop. If any such crossing, intersection or access be obscured by trees, buildings or other objects, or because of wind, storm or fog, the school bus driver shall open such windows and doors as will permit him to determine when it is safe to proceed;
(b)  Be operated at any time for the transportation of pupils by any person who does not have a current commercial driver’s license (CDL) as specified in section 49-105, Idaho Code, and the minimum training for bus drivers as prescribed by the state board of education;
(c)  Be operated at any time in excess of its maximum occupancy as determined by the manufacturer. Occupancy at no time shall exceed three (3) persons in a seat.

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