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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-1511.  State board of education — Powers and duties related to transportation. In addition to powers and duties of the state board of education hereinbefore prescribed, the said state board shall:
(1)  Designate a member of its staff as supervisor of school transportation responsible for a school bus driver training program and such program shall provide for a qualified driver trainer for each school district and with such duties as the board may prescribe;
(2)  Adopt, publish and distribute, and from time to time as need therefor arises amend, minimum standards for the construction of school buses, the basis of which standards shall be those incorporated in the latest report of the National Conference on School Transportation, which report shall be filed with the Idaho state police;
(3)  Approve the form(s) to be used for the inspection of school buses;
(4)  Authorize the supervisor of school transportation to conduct any combination of in-depth program reviews, fiscal audits, and reviews of annual reimbursement claims supporting documentation of each school district pupil transportation program at a frequency adequate to ensure compliance with state law, accuracy of data and reimbursement claims, and safety of school buses. Priority for selecting districts for review and audit shall be given to those districts that exceed both the most recent annual state average reimbursable cost per mile and the state average reimbursable cost per rider as calculated by the state department of education, unless the supervisor of school transportation determines otherwise;
(5)  Authorize the supervisor of school transportation, based upon results of program reviews, fiscal audits, and spot inspections as set forth in section 33-1506, Idaho Code, to provide to school districts a list of required corrective actions, when necessary;
(6)  Require school districts to submit progress reports on those corrective actions developed by the supervisor of school transportation to the state department of education at prescribed intervals until deficiencies are corrected or the corrective actions no longer apply;
(7)  Withhold all or a portion of a district’s pupil transportation reimbursement funding in instances of noncompliance with the requirements of subsection (6) of this section or section 33-1506, Idaho Code, provided that a district may appeal to the state board of education for reconsideration, in which case the state board of education may reinstate or adjust the withheld funds.

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