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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2203.  Further powers of board.  The board shall have full power to formulate plans for the promotion of career technical education in such subjects as are an essential and integral part of the public school system of the state of Idaho, and to provide for the preparation of teachers of such subjects. It shall have full power to fix the compensation of such officials and assistants as may be necessary to administer the federal act herein referred to and to pay such compensation and other necessary expenses of administration from funds appropriated in this chapter and from money received under the provisions of the federal act. It shall have authority to make studies and investigations relating to career technical education in such subjects, to promote and aid in the establishment of local communities of schools, departments or classes, giving training in such subjects; to cooperate with the local communities in the maintenance of such schools, departments or classes; to prescribe qualifications for teachers, directors and supervisors for such subjects, and to have full authority to provide for the certification of such teachers, directors and supervisors, subject to the laws and rules governing the state board of education; to cooperate in the maintenance of classes supported and controlled by the public for the preparation of teachers, directors and supervisors of such subjects, or to maintain such classes under its own direction and control; and to establish and determine by general rule the qualifications to be possessed by persons engaged in the training of career technical teachers.

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