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33-2608.  Library director — Duties — Other employees. (1)  The board of trustees of each city library shall appoint the library director, who shall serve at the pleasure of the board. The library director shall advise the board, implement policy set by the board, supervise all library staff and shall acquire library materials, equipment and supplies. The library director shall attend all board meetings but shall not vote.
(2)  With the recommendation of the library director, the board shall budget to hire other employees as may be necessary for the operation of the library. The library director shall hire or oversee the hiring of all other employees based on the policies, procedures, and job descriptions of the city. These employees shall be employees of the city and subject to the city’s personnel policies and classifications unless otherwise provided by city ordinance.

[33-2608, added 1993, ch. 186, sec. 9, p. 471; am. 2021, ch. 165, sec. 2, p. 468.]

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