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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2705.  Conduct of election. Upon the county commissioners having made the order referred to in subsection (5) of section 33-2704, Idaho Code, the clerk of the board of county commissioners shall cause to be published a notice of an election to be held for the purpose of determining whether or not the proposed library district shall be established under the provisions of this chapter. The date of this election shall be the next uniform election date as provided for in section 34-106, Idaho Code. Whenever more than one (1) petition is presented to the county commissioners calling for an election to create library districts, the first presented shall take precedence. Notice of the election shall be given, the election shall be conducted, and the returns thereof canvassed as provided for in chapter 14, title 34, Idaho Code, and under the general election laws of the state of Idaho. The ballot shall contain the words "(Name) Library District–Yes" and "(Name) Library District–No," each followed by a box wherein the voter may express his choice by marking a cross "X." The board or boards of election shall make returns and certify the results to the boards of county commissioners within three (3) days after the election, and the board of county commissioners shall, within seven (7) days after the election, canvass the returns. If a majority of all votes cast be in the affirmative, the board of county commissioners shall, within seven (7) days after the returns have been canvassed, enter an order declaring the library district established, designating its name and boundaries including a map prepared in a draftsmanlike manner. The board of county commissioners shall transmit a copy of the order to the county recorder, county assessor, and the state tax commission in a timely manner, but no later than December 15, in the calendar year in which the election was held. A copy of the order shall also be transmitted to the board of library commissioners.

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