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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2806.  Powers of board — Sectarian tests prohibited. The board of regents shall enact laws for the government of the university in all its branches, elect a president and the requisite number of professors, instructors, officers and employees, and fix the salaries and the term of office of each, and determine the moral and educational qualifications of applicants for admission to the various courses of instruction; but no instruction either sectarian in religion or partisan in politics shall ever be allowed in any department of the university, and no sectarian or partisan test shall ever be allowed or exercised in the appointment of regents or in the election of professors, teachers, or other officers of the university, or in the admission of students thereto, or for any purpose whatever. The board of regents shall have power to remove the president or any professor, instructor or officer of the university, when, in their judgment, the interests of the university require it. The board may prescribe rules and regulations for the management of the libraries, cabinets, museum, laboratories and all other property of the university and of its several departments, and for the care and preservation thereof, with penalties and forfeitures, by way of damages for their violation, which may be sued for and collected in the name of the board before any court having jurisdiction of such action.

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