Idaho Statutes

33-2811.  Powers of president and faculty — Courses of study and textbooks — Diplomas — Discipline of students. The president of the university shall be president of the faculty, or of the several faculties as they may be hereafter established, and the executive head of the instructional force in all its departments. As such, he shall have authority, subject to the board of regents, to give general direction to the instruction and scientific investigation of the university, and so long as the interests of the institution require it, he shall be charged with the duties of one of the professorships. The immediate government of the university shall be intrusted to the faculty, but the regents shall have the power to regulate courses of instruction, and prescribe the books or works to be used in the several courses, and also to confer such degrees and grant such diplomas as are usual in universities, or as they shall deem appropriate, and to confer upon the faculty, by by-laws, the power to suspend or expel students for misconduct or other cause prescribed by such by-laws.

[(33-2811) 1888-1889, p. 21, sec. 8; reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 495; C.S., sec. 1064; I.C.A., sec. 32-2311.]

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